Frank - My Inspiration

We all need inspiration, don't we?  We all need something that lifts us, that makes us smile and just fills us with joy, don't we? 

Well, meet my inspiration!  (Admittedly, not my only one but certainly a big one!).Horse and woman smiling

Frank is the heart behind this little business.  When it came to naming it, I decided that including his name could be my way of always having him with me.  And, to be frank..., Frankly Lovely Jewellery just works!

I have had horses for most of my life.  So, a long time!  I have bred a few and most of them have spent their whole lives with me.  I bought Frank's mum many many years ago as a young horse and over time she gave me two wonderful babies.  Frank and his older sister Amy who is now with her mum in horse paradise. 

Frank was born one glorious June morning in Scotland.  I was there when he was born, at 4am, and spent the day keeping an eye on them.  He was born chestnut and over the years has gone from chestnut to a dark grey to almost white now.  His proper name is Amun Ra which is the name of one of the main Egyptian gods. He was considered to be the King of Gods.  A big name for a little horse!  But, of course, Frank needed a 'normal' name for every day and one day while I was sitting in the field watching him, the name Frank just came to me and wouldn't leave so that was it! Frank it was!

He is a fun, humorous, cheeky, kind and wonderful little horse. He has always been so easy to look after, to train and to ride and I am so very lucky that he is in my life.

So just to complete the picture, here is his mum. She was a purebred Arab and her official name was Adella but I called her Biddy.  Her breeding was mainly Polish which I absolutely love.  She was also the kindest, sweetest and most honest mare you could ever hope to have.  Still miss her and she has been gone now for 12 years...

And here is his dad...He was called Wrzos, a purebred Arab from Poland. He was a really lovely stallion and sired lots of endurance horses.

So that was a little bit about Frank and his family.

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