Swirling Horse Pendant

Swirling Horse Pendant

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The inspiration for this pendant is the flow and waves of a horse's mane and tail.

The curve of the neck and the position of the horse's head on this pendant is inspired by the natural self carriage of a proud horse.

A sparkling amethyst briolette has been added to this piece but you can choose another stone, or no stone at all. The pendant on its own is about 2.5cm and the briolette adds another half a centimetre.

Amethyst is known for its healing, cleansing and calming powers. It eases tension and stress and can help with headaches. It is also a stunning stone with colours ranging from lavender to dark purple. The stone in this piece is nearer the dark purple.

Every piece is handmade by me with love, here in France. Because it is all handmade, there may be slight differences from the photographs. But this makes each piece
totally unique and actually a little bit one of a kind!

Perfectly imperfect. Just like us, our horses and our dogs!